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  • Rip City at the Old Gold

    Listen, Blazers fans, we're going to be honest with you: It might be a long season. A very long season. But here at the Old Gold we're optimists—our glass is always half full (with beer)—and we believe that even if the Blazers fall short in most games, they'll be fun to watch this year. 

    That's why we are bringing back the Rip City glasses. 

    During every Blazers game this season, including the playoffs (What? Stop laughing.), we'll be serving frosty cold Rainier in our limited-edition-please-stop-stealing-them Rip City glasses for a mere $2. This offer extends to every game this season, from tip-off to the final whistle. If there ever was a season where us Blazers faithful need a drink, this might be it.