• O'Trivia Newton-John Has Returned!

    After taking a couple months off to rest our respective brains, O'Trivia Newton-John is returning to the Old Gold on Tuesday, July 29. Gather up a team of your smartest pals, show up at 8pm (or a little before, to get yourself a table), and win prizes and glory from the greatest trivia night around.

    For those unaware, the questions at O'Trivia Newton-John are a wee bit different than your typical trivia fare. There are no stiff, boring questions about obscure historial figures (sorry, Hannibal Hamlin), instead we tend to focus on pop culture, Portland happenings, and oddball questions like: "Air Force Fighter Jet or Brand of Malt Liquor? (Silver Thunder sounds like a jet, but it's really a terrible malt liquor), "Red Lobster Menu Item or Cat Food Flavor?" (Despite it's name, "Ocean Explosion" is actually a cat food flavor), or "How much is a 16 oz. T-Bone steak at the Acropolis?" ($9.50, as if you didn't already know).

    For more fun questions like this, come on out to this month's O'Trivia Newton-John.

  • Spend Fourth of July With Us (Instead of the Emergency Room)

    We know that there is no shortage of Fourth of July options out there—backyard BBQs, frontyard BBQs, illegal foreworks, really illegal fireworks—but we're throwing our star-spangled hat into the ring this Independence Day. On Friday we'll be open from noon until 2am, with nonstop Happy Hour for 14 hours (USA! USA!), food/drink specials, and tiny American flags for everyone.

    We'll probably play a whole lot of Bob Seger as well. 

    We promise you'll have a good time, and keep all ten fingers. 

  • Summer Hours

    The days are longer, the sun is (mostly) out, so that means it's patio time.

    Starting on Friday, May 30, we will open early every Friday. Noon! Wait, noon? Yes, noon! That means seven consecutive hours of Happy Hour every Friday, all Summer long. Let the bar be your "office," or just take the afternoon off, and we'll see you here.

  • New Whiskeys

    Well, well, well, look at all these handsome new bottles.

    Despite a glaring shortage of shelf space, we just stocked up even more new whiskeys for your sipping enjoyment. It's a fine line between collecting and hoarding, but until we are crushed in a pile of bourbon, we'll keep bringing you exciting new bottles to try.

  • Whiskey 101 in May

    Attention! Attention! Our next Whiskey 101 class is right around the corner and we have a couple slots still available. On Saturday, May 10 at 1pm our brilliant wizard of whiskey, Andrew Finkelman, will teach you everything you have ever wanted to know ahout this mighty spirit. The class runs $30 and includes a half-dozen whiskey tastings, plus there are snacks. Everyone loves snacks. 

    To nab one of the final spots in this class, please stop by the bar or drop us a line.

  • Derby Day

    Come celebrate the splendor of fancy outfits, gigantic hats, and betting on horses with funny names—also know as the Kentucky Derby—with us on Saturday May 3rd. In addition to watching the ponies, we'll be slinging traditional mint juleps all day long.

    When it comes to classic bourbon cocktails, we don't horse around (sorry).

  • Another Whiskey on the Wall

    This past week, our pal Katy Jorgersen took out her finest chalk and completely rearranged our mighty wall of whiskey. Organizing and re-writing about ten dozen different whiskeys is no easy task, but did Katy did a stellar job.

    In addition to new penmanship, we have welcomed in a handful of great new pours: Elijah Craig Barrel Strength, Michter's Small Batch, Booker's 25th Anniversary, Jefferson's Ocean, and lots more! Come see (and taste) for yourself.

  • Drink Beer, Watch the Timbers, Win Timbers Tickets

    Why, I think the headlines says it all. 

    On Saturday, April 19 the mighty Portland Timbers travel to Utah to take on Real Salt Lake at 6:30pm. During the match—which will be showing on our TVs, naturally—we'll be serving up the refreshing Widmer Brothers Green & Gold Kölsch and handing out raffle tickets to anyone who orders a pint. After the match, the raffle winner will take home a pair of tickets to the Timbers vs. D.C. United match on Saturday, May 3, plus some other Timbers goodies as well (sadly, not a chainsaw or a lock of Michael Harrington's majestic hair). 

    Put on your favorite scarf and we'll see you on Saturday.