• O'Trivia Newton-John in January

    The only thing keeping our frigid bones warm this winter is the hot hot hot trivia action of O'Trivia Newton-John. Our beloved lady of pub quiz will be back in action on Tuesday, January 24th. Trivia mastermind Jennifer Jones will be behind the mic and the fun at 8pm. Round up a posse of your smartest chums and we'll see you here for our monthly trivia event on the 24th.

  • New Year's Eve at the Old Gold

    Why lie, 2016 wasn't the best year on record. Kick 2016 to the curb at the Old Gold New Year's Eve party on Saturday, December 31st. We'll be pouring a free champagne toast (or, if bubbles aren't your thing, a free "Champagne of Beers" toast) at midnight. Plus, there will be free boozy cupcakes and tiny party hats for all. And whiskey. We all need some whiskey after this year.

    The event is free, so come on by for your New Year's kiss.

  • Whiskey 101 in January

    Learning is fun. Drinking is more fun. But nothing is more fun than learning while drinking. Our latest Whiskey 101: An Exploration of American Whiskey class will be held Saturday, January 14th at 12pm at Paydirt (2724 NE Pacific). Our interactive lesson will cover the origins, styles, and varieties of American Whiskey. This includes bourbons, ryes, and plenty more. Yes, you'll get to drink as you learn, as host/professor Andrew Finkelman helps you learn more about the most fascinating spirit on your liquor shelf.

    Get your tickets now, before they sell out. 
    And yes, this class makes for a great holiday gift.

  • O'Trivia Newton-John is Back

    A long long long time ago (last year, but just play along) we had a great trivia night called O'Trivia Newton-John. It was a blast! But then we got distracted along the way and had to put our beloved trivia night on hold for awhile.

    That said, we're overjoyed to announce that OTNJ is back as of Tuesday, November 22nd. Trivia mastermind Jennifer Jones will be handling the hosting duties and we'll still be doling out the prizes in this team-friendly format. Fun starts at 8pm and we'll be doing this on the last Tuesday of every month from here on out.

  • Election Day is For Drinking

    Oh lord, it's almost over.

    In honor of the election that broke our spirit and had us visiting this website on a daily basis, we are throwing a party. On Tuesday, November 8th let us come together as neighbors, fret over the results, and hopeully raise a free champagne toast to the Madame President. If that's not what happens, we have whiskey. Lots and lots of whiskey.

  • Looking to Watch the Portland Trail Blazers? Well, You Are in Luck.

    Much like Damian Lillard with .9 seconds on the clock, you can count on The Old Gold to televise every Portland Trail Blazers game this season (with sound). You can believe the Portland Monthly when they say we are one of The Best Bars for Watching the Trail Blazers.

    In addition to watching Rip City in action, you can enjoy the game while sipping on a frosty cold Rainier in a gigantic 20oz old school Blazers glass (available during games only, and please stop stealing the glasses). 

    Fine Print:
    This offer extends all season long.
    And for the playoffs.
    And for the NBA Finals.
    And for the NBA Championship victory parade.

  • The Old Gold is Five Years Old

    We can't believe it.

    Five years ago we had a dream of opening a bar in our neighborhood. Actually, that's not true. Nine years ago we had the dream of opening a bar in our neighborhood. And even that isn't entirely true; it was even longer than that.

    Regardless, after far too many years of planning, plotting, and nervously asking "are we really going to do this?," we opened The Old Gold on Friday, October 28th 2011. We had no exterior sign, no patio, no menus, and about a dozen bottles of whiskey. We weren't trained. We weren't ready.

    But then the craziest thing happened: people came. Friends, strangers, and neighbors all made themselves at home. There were local families, our first regulars, and before we knew it, we were a bar. It was both beautiful and terrifying. 

    Over the past five years the one constant has been how thankful we are. We are thankful to our dedicated staff, from those who have worked with us since our first year of existence, to those who have been with us since this bar was little more than a crude drawing on a couple of cocktail napkins. And most important of all, we are thankful to everyone who has made us their home, whether it be for just one evening, or for the past five years. 

    To celebrate this monumental occasion, we are throwing three consecutive days of parties. On Friday, October 28th, Saturday, October 29th, and Sunday, October 30th there will be free giveaways (everything from shirts to other collectibles), food specials (yes, the Tofu Bánh Mì will be back), drink specials, rare whiskey (perhaps some Old Gold edition of Elmer T. Lee will make an appearance) and so, so, much more. 

    All that's missing is you. We hope to see you there.

    And thank you for the best five years of our lives.

  • We Bought a Barrel of Old Weller Antique 107

    There's a little secret to the bar world: If you are willing, you can purchase an entire barrel of whiskey. The distillery will ship you some sample vials, you'll hastily taste them, check a few boxes and months later your whiskey will unceremoniously arrive bottled on the back of some freight truck. It's a functional, yet anonymous, way to make a large purchase of brown liquor.

    But there's another method to buying a barrel. This one requires a quite a bit more effort, long layover flights in the Midwest, and far too much time drinking in Louisville dive bars.

    This past April we traveled to Kentucky to select our very own barrel of Old Weller Antique 107 at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfurt, KY. This was our second trip east—we purchased a barrel of Elmer T. Lee in 2014 which lastest a few short months before selling out—and this time around we brought along Old Gold bar manager Andrew Finkelman, our bartender of five years Collin Anderson, and Paydirt bar manager Andrew Terrell. 

    Together, after much painstaking tasting and thorough note taking, we selected a nearly nine year old barrel of our favorite wheated whiskey. And while Old Weller Antique 107 does share a lineage with the fabled bottled unicorn that is Pappy Van Winkle, its true charm lies in its deceptive heat, mellow sweetness, and soft body that makes the best Old Fashioned in the land.

    We'll be releasing the bourbon on Wednesday, September 21st at the Old Gold and Thursday, September 22nd at Paydirt. Due to the age of our selection, and the greediness of the Angel's Share, we only have a limited number of bottles so please try a pour while you can. It's a very special bourbon and once it's gone, it's gone for good.

    After that, I guess we'll have to take another trip to Kentucky.