Hand-Popped Popcorn (served in a big bowl) **
with Salt and Olive Oil or Curry and Nutritional Yeast or Smoked Paprika and Sugar  
Herbed White Bean Dip *
with warm house-made Naan, Carrots, Celery
Salt & Pepper French Fries ** 
Tillamook Cheddar French Fries * 

Mixed Greens 
balsamic** or blue cheese* or roasted carrot** or caesar
Fried Chicken Salad
Roasted Corn, Ginger Gold Apple, Bourbon Peanuts, Mixed Greens, Ranch Dressing
Blue Cheese Wedge Salad * 
Dates, Toasted Pecans
Kale Salad 
Warm Bacon Dressing, Hard Eggs

All sandwiches come with Kettle Chips. Add a side salad, or fries, or bacon for $2.
Grilled Cheese *
Smoked Gouda, Apple, Spinach Pesto
Two Egg Sandwich with Cheese * 
House Made Naan, Fontina, Curry
Buffalo-Style Cauliflower Sandwich ** 
Vegan Ranch Dressing, Black-Eyed Pea Caviar
Tofu Satay Sandwich ** 
Fried Tofu, Peanut Sauce, House Slaw, Cucumber
Roasted Pork, Ham, Dill Pickles, Swiss, Habanero Mayo, Mustard 
Old Gold Burger 
Cascade Natural Beef, Sharp Cheddar, Tomato-Onion Relish, Mayonnaise, Dill Pickle on side 
Elk Burger
Dried Cherry Relish & Fontina
Fried Chicken Sandwich  
Bacon, Corn Poblano Relish, Tomato, Mayonnaise served on a Grand Central Potato Bun
Steak Sandwich  
Grilled Onions, Mama Lil’s Peppers, Cheddar, Caper Mayo, served on Fleur De Lis Ciabatta
Smoked Swiss Mac & Cheese *
Topped with Caramelized Onions and Rye Croutons served with a mixed green salad

** vegan
* vegetarian